Months Favourites

Well hello there everyone.. October is running away so quickly is unbelievable…But before I forget here I am presenting my favorites for these last two months in make up and more… ๐Ÿ™‚ ย IMG_9801

Of course the fact that one of my birthday gifts was the new naked smokey have influenced my approach on a darker side in colors for this Fall, not only on the lips, but on the eyes as well… I am so in love with that palette…Of course my plums have to be there too and “kiko” has charmedย me with a couple of it’s new productsย from the “Rebel Romantic” line especially eyeliner and kajal ( nยฐ 03) and “Moon shadow” nยฐ 03 attractive plum.


But also my lips are always in need of some deep mauve plums or dark matt red… what can I say… totally guilty! As for shadows that are not from the urban decay palette I have been loving MAC “Guilt by association” it’s so versatile and “goldish” so it’s a win win…


and here we go with the usual faithful savers, Rockateur Blush and Roller Mascara are yet the winners on all front when it comes to cheeks and lashes…with a little help of Erase Paste for the usual panda emergency and clinique “all about eyes serum” skin care… ย Oh almost forgetting the absolute lovely Kiko “Glowing Potion” a perfecting serum that preps the skin and gives a beautiful effortless glow…


OTHERS… yes there is more…

among the usual lovely make up , skin care there is hair first with the Bumble & Bumble thickening hairspray that helps quite a lot, now that my hair are shorter in long bob… I find it helps style them making them look neat but fun at the same time…

BUT also among the faves there is my Burgundy floppy hat from forever 21, whichย I am obsessed about … as it gives to every outfit a Pinterest vibe ( if that makes sense..)…and of course a huge cozy scarf is needed, well at the moment I have been loving this one with the grey blue pattern ..IMG_9854

Third topic is…Tea, obviously you know I am a huge “tea lover”! At the moment I have been a lot into spiced flavoured tea – WITTHARD “Spice Imperial” is slowly taking over โ€ฆ but “Piccadilly Blend” makes yet an appearance especially as an evening treat…

Fourth Sunglasses: My Quay Australia ย “kitty” are my new bestie during these fall sunny days and a huge cozy sweater provide all the warmed and love I need on worst rainy day… which is the best thing ever…



Soundtrack..I usually change a lot songs but get really fixed on the same artist, so recently Muse, Broods and Ed Sheraan have made it into my top 3, mostlyโ€ฆ

And Last but not least Books… I am almost at the end of the Dressmaker By Rosalie Ham… Oh boy it took a little to get me hooked at first, but surprisingly I am really enjoying it, it’s smart, witty, ironic and the characters are so “colorful” … but it has also a dark kind of humour very compelling…not bad I after-all..

Well that’s it!What do you think? if you want to know more I can post the complete list of product! Let me know in the comments your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚ !



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Hey, everyone! I'm Josephine, a pure essence of chaos! Born and raised in italy, half italian, half Indian, a bit croatian, a bit portuguese and a bit english...Yep family tree is as a messy as me! Endless Dreamer... deeply in love with Art, Travels and Photography... This blog is my take on lifestyle, beauty and life in general... Discovering new things everyday :) a messy mix between my inner dreamer old soul and a girly girl attitude.

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